In light of the massive impact that COVID19 has had on everyone it seems rather incongruous to share my latest activity...


However, the print version of Cºuntrycide will see light of day in December 2020. The first recording of 'Cºuntrycide' (is still available to hear here). It was a piece written and performed at a time when Brexit seemed the biggest challenge on the horizon. If only!

The Butterfly House debut album is available to buy here and of course in the meantime you can pick up a copy of 'Sunflower eclipse over Troia Nova' from the SBP website... here!

the meantime, stay safe and I'll meet you in The French House...

Sydney - Mid-June 2020



I write, because I have to. If I didn't write, god knows where I'd be and what I would have done. Although I've got a pretty good idea.

Happy days




AF, January 2020



Waves washing over

waves washing over 

sinew, it’s in you

It’s always in you


The wake trailing after

wake trailing after

it is what you do

not what I choose


the vibrations of dogblack day

resonate crash hesitate

on the precipice 

at the edge of this


walk alone

walk alone

you are on your own

forever on your own


the contract of dogblack day





the yearn for dogblack day


      the moment

slightly closer

December 2019

New words...

No live performances are currently scheduled


Andrew Franks

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