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Scratched in the stars, sprawled on the sand


Franks collects together over a quarter of a century of his poems, sketches and lyrics. Bittersweet echoes from the dole queue, bedsits and beaches of the Sussex coast.


Remembrances of old Soho bars, cold city side streets, stolen kisses and dark dreams. And finally from Sydney’s Northern Beaches where the passing of time is still measured in the sand, one sweet grain at a time…

The last of the great British traitors.


Influenced by his father’s autobiography (only discovered posthumously), betrayal, the eternal internal/external battle against depression, poems of youthful excess, unresolved desire and living life in self-imposed exile on the other side of the world.


Franks’s second volume of poems show a marked step forward at the same time as addressing the future of poetry in a digital age and the perils of parking penguins.



Soul Bay Compilation featuring George Mouratidis, George Shaw, Szymon Dorabialski, 

Samantha Herron, Stuart Snelson, Lily Childs, Geoffrey Burgess, 

Henry Tardelli, Thomas Flowers, Jack Nash, Martin Jenkins, 

Andrew Franks & Matthew Loukes


Franks contributes two stories to this compilation. Engels' Ashes and 'Notes from the last days of the old regime' (as Jack Nash). 



Soul Bay Press published Sunflower Eclipse over Troia Nova 

Franks' 3rd collection of poetry in November 2018

Copies of these books can be ordered via the website, simply by clicking here...


Soul Bay Press Bookshop

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